Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big prob

this my current big big prob

yang menyusahkan especially untuk kerja2 memasak, cuci pinggan dan sewaktu dengannya..

it already happened for almost three weeks..

the home plumber has tried to repair, it remains ok (still so n so) for two weeks camtu,
now, water flows so damn really takes time for the water to flow..i cant stand it..

tahap sabar semakin tipis..called hubby yesterday to solve the prob soonest possible
otherwise i cant cook for the kids..i wont cook if the sink keeps on like really pressure me!
ngelabah le kawan,
nanti anak2 nak makan ape kalau mama mogok masak sebab sinki yang asyik tersumbat
petang ni hubby kata nak balik awal, in fact he has called a plumber to come n repair the sink
so he will be around to monitor the plumber doin the repair works..yang penting..

he can do the cleaning after the plumber works done (hahaha-gelak durjana)

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