Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A day trip to LHAG KL

just came back from KL at about 6.45 pm...attended a discussion with LHAG in KL and our case witnesses;moved from melaka at about 8.00 am..then singgah ke putrajaya untuk turunkan one of the officer who has to attend a meeting kat KPHEP..actually this is my trip and he has to tumpang..but i told him i dont promise that we can come back early as our discussion might be dragged until evening...

he said,  he dont mind to wait for us n that's it; my discussion ended until 4 pm..while on the way back to putrajaya, he called my office driver and told him that he already take  a cab to melaka...haiya..beritaulah awal2 susah payah kami masuk ke putrajaya baru nak beritau...

sempat juga take some photos while  the discussion is on.

a well known and prestigious firm

u can choose your drink too;they provided the choices

tat's it..