Friday, March 23, 2012

Dapat tukar

earlier i have wrote about the team building course yang sepatutnya i kena pegi today..

well, u know wat i did; sebab tak mahu menyusahkan  si CC sepertimana yang i cakap sebelum ni, so i buat cara lain where i pun liase dengan EO, told her my first she said, its better for me to talk directly to the CC sebab she is the PIC..i cakap kat dia, since u r the CC's boss, i decided to  highlight my probs to you for consideration.."if you think u can help me, you may do the necessary, if not then i have no choice"..

so agaknya lepas tu,  she helped  to resolve the thing for me; and i received a memo confirming yang i will be going for the next batch, that is next friday.

alhamdulillah..tq EO n CC

bukan nak menyusahkan tetapi faktor keadaan yang memaksa..sori