Sunday, June 10, 2012

Morib Gold Coast Resort-Part 1

we went to Morib Gold Coast Resort on the 7th.june

wat else can i say about the resort...unexpected that the service was so damn bad

check in at 3pm but we only got the room at pukul 5 ptg lebih..hubby sampai naik angin n making big noise at the counter and "smashed" the duty manager kaw2; manakan tak, lepas check in, mula2 kata bilik siap pkl 3.30 ptg, dtg semula meka kata belum tentu siap kul 4 ptg, abih tanya lagi, kata mungkin siap kul 4.30 ptg pulak; mengamuk le laki mak..penyudah kat kul 5.15 ptg; sebagai balas dendam kami check out dekat pukul 2 petang hah rasakan..

with rm348 for a suite; its a waste; small area n the only special perhaps there is a jacuzzi in the bathroom

for sure, that would be our first and last visit to this resort; so lucky it was just a one night stay ...

anyway,a small credit to their water park

the kids enjoy it so  much and the ayah too

will upload the photos soon.

as usual mama cooked some foods but this time, no photos to show

nasi, nasi impit, rendang ayam, sambal ikan bilis, daging goreng kunyit and daging masak kicap, ikan masin;