Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mak's besday celebration-part 3

sambungan gambar2 daripada sambutan besday my mum last saturday

me with my girls

my family photos

atuk nenek nazwa and chah

najwa with her two youngest unties



part of my big family

left out tuna's family (6 members)
and another 2 grandchild

Mak's besday celebration-part 2

few more photos....

me with my niece n nephew

mak with d grandchilds


dakbang n d gang

najib n co

mummy with the only girl

busu n tanisha

the runner team

aksi panjat meja begini pon ader

Mak's besday celebration-part 1

and the serprise is ...we have mak's besday celebration at Avillion Legacy Melaka

8 out of 9 were joined..supposed 7 but najib last minute decided to come..ok ajer

besday girl terperanjat...we brought along our grandma too

well here are some of the photos, banyak lagi akan menyusul- i tangkap muat ikut as and when my sis n bro uploaded it in the fb 

overall makanan oklah kot n so; semua happy, kanak2 girang gumbira itu yg penting

 sweet couple

 BR ice cream cake cutting

 mak with her beloved youngest son
 with the daughters (spot the difference among them)
atuk n dylan
najib dan wan
anor & co.
my SIL with three of her kids (she had 7)