Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women, today is ur day

this date is a special day dedicated to all women in the world; a symbolic for the appreciation to women..
whether you are a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, employee, employer, a rich or poor people;
it is not a matter coz
"today is your day"
women are always special in any ways
 the best ever human being created by the AlMighty
give your love to them
appreciate them
hug them in your heart
keep them in your mind and soul

happy women's day
to myself n you too..women out there

photos courtesy of yahoo image

he is sick

nafis is sick; since two days ago; having a cough flu, headache n mild athma; doctor said he is having sinus too due to allergic..

i already tooked him to the clinic after work,yesterday ..

dapat mc semalam hari ni pun tak pegi sekolah sebab sakit kepala..this morning before go to work i dah masakkan nasi goreng dan beri dia makan ubat..will jengah dia masa lunch time..get well soon dear.

5 jenis ubat untuk nafis

ps:masa g klinik amik ubat untuk the little princess too sebab malamnya dia demam...