Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my 1st year at pknm

suddenly remember of my first year working at pknm..
how i wish to be employed by govt or state govt last time..n rezeki Allah, i was offered to join pknm a year ago...

before that i worked with a subsidiary of a public listed company, a well known housing developer in n9 for almost 13 years, but i dont get much benefit there..people will ask, how come u can be there for so long even u r not happy...frankly speaking i dont really think about myself, i sacrifice my feeling n happiness n joy..d office was near my house n convenient for me to fetch my kids from school n monitor them..that were some of d reasons y i still stay..

i felt so much on terms of appreciation, bonus, increment-i know i contribute a lot but the management did not recognised that.. i cant hold that anymore; y i should stay..

n later i was told by my BIL that there is a vacancy @pknm, y dont i try my luck...

finally i was employed, thanks God, i came back to my home town...even though i temporarily have to leave hubby n survive my life with all d kids here...i guess i made a right decision..

well i love working here, more privacy, more powerful (hahaha, compared to last time) new environment new things...

wish me all d best n good luck here, hope this is my last stop..

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