Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wat a burden???

kekadang i do not understand y some people are having sort of last minute habit to complete their job or task or assignment; watever they name it..when they cant finish that, then they will find their victim to complete it...

it happened to me when i was instructed to finish the paper work which em not so familiar with the head n tail of the paper...n d worst part is that paper work needs to be presented during our Board Meeting next week..

the needs to complete the paper work came within this person knowledge since last month, however until todate, it is not ready..

in this scenario, if u r in my shoe, u will definetely feel stress, i tell u..especially when u r lack of facts n knowledge of the subject matter;

tetapi oleh kerana such person gradenya lebih tinggi daripada u, n much more senior than u, would u say no????

fine, wat i do is that i just help this person and did it as much as i can BUT i left it uncomplete, for the part or area yg i x sure, pass back to this person to least my efforts were there, also people can appreciate my co-operation..end product is not on me,thats for sure

its ur responsibilty, finish it and answer for it...................

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