Thursday, June 2, 2011

"mid weekday n weekend hubby"

suddenly i terkenangkan my hubby..

since i worked in melaka, we live separately-me n kids here while he is staying in our old house in bandar baru nilai...

but we have make an arrangement that he will be back here twice a week, normally on wednesday and friday after work..kiranya my hubby jadi mid weekday n weekend husband..(?????!!!)

now, after we have sold our house my hubby has rented a room to stay for the days yg dia x balik melaka..
feels pity on him when he says that his life is sort of tak teratur..x pernah since married he live in such a way-hidup bujang..makan di kedai, baju di kedai dobi..(once in a while he will bring back his clothes for me to wash n iron)

we have been married for 17 years..this coming 4th june will be our 17th wedding annivesary.demi anak2 n for a better and harmony life, this is our life journey which we had chosen..i really hope this will not be permanent as he already applied for the KUP's post and will try his best to get a transfer to melaka or somewhere nearby when the application get through..

sometime i find our life quite hard without him around especially to manage our four kids..i always lost control of my emotion n if there was something on, he always willing to be around untuk tolong settlekan..sometimes he talked a lot with the kids, scolding them, mumbling etc..
but he alwaz be a great hubby n responsible father...

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