Friday, May 11, 2012

Surprise gitew

hubby came home early today to settle few things with regards to our new house documentation..

whereas i came back about 6 pm..

a tiring day for me; so i went up to rest n lepaking on the bed..
suddenly there was a group of people singing a besday song bringing a cake into the room..

ooo ala2 surprise gitew ker??

ermmm, my besday was yesterday anyway (macam alah2 merajukle konon)

a besday cake aka mother's day cake

from hubby and kids..

tq anyway
for the remembrance...



YaYaNsMuM a.k.a YM said...

so sweettt...happy je bila yg tersayang buat surprise kan?:)

Lya Colours said...

selamat hari lahir dan selamat hari ibu =)

potpetmama said...

YYM; a'ah walaupun da lewat sehari..hehe
Lya:tq dik