Thursday, May 3, 2012

POTPETMAMA- sharing moment of her 1st birthday

POTPETMAMA -sharing moment of her
first birthday..

walaupun follower tak ramai
it doesnt matter
em writing here
to share the moments of my life
not only a happy one
with u readers..
not only that
this is a place
where i can express my feelings
where i can release my sadness too
its good actually..
coz sometime hubby and my anak2 also read this blog
so they will know me..more and more

we go thru different experiences of life
with different colours too
lets continue sharing it with others

happy day for you
tq for spending ur time reading this blog
...em still in a learnig process..tat's for sure


Lya Colours said...

happy birthday Sharing Moment
saya punya blog dah 3 tahun tapi tak pernah buat entry sempena birthday blog. hihi. nak tunggu jubli perak agaknya. mihihihi

potpetmama said...

dik;xcite kot huhu