Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new born girl

my sis Ita has gave birth to a baby girl last night dalam kul 11.10 pm; the baby was her fifth child and the first girl for her..her dream comes true, even scan result pun nampak  more to a girl, finally after so long dapat gek anak perempuan

i knew she has prepared all girly things...yelah teruja dapat baby girl..

she gave birth kat columbia hospital S2, same hospital same doc masa i delivered my youngest about 6 years ago

ahamdulillah semua baik2 dan sihat nampaknya mummy dan the little girl

tapi half an hour ago, i sms dia tanya when she will be discharged, she said has to wait for another three days as the baby is on antibiotic sebab masalah darah..

i tried to call her tak dapat, tengah rehat agaknya..any way i pray that nothing is serious


Lya Colours said...

tahniah. harap baby girl sihat hendaknya

potpetmama said...