Tuesday, January 10, 2012

action speaks louder....

recently i seldom talk or write about kakak...doesnt mean that i ignore her..instead of thinking about nafis, she always be the priority; especially this year is her final year in school

as a parents we always wish to do the best thing for our kids..and after nafis's case was almost resolved, our most focus is on kakak..

its not to say that kakak is not good in study; her problem is her laziness and less effort..walhal da banyak kali jugek i send her for motivation seminar and courses mainly to help her to develop her study skill and motivate herself..

she is quite clever...tapi sindrom malas yang ada selalu membuatkan dia mempunyai semangat positif yang tak statik; tu yang buat i pressure..of course, we want her to study hard and get the best result; we take our effort by sending her to tuition classes...bought watever books she mentioned..encourage her on this and that; the positive actions for sure; lebih rajin, focus, concentrate, serious...

but we can do nothing if she doesnt iniatiate her ownself towards the positive action..bak kate orang, mulut da berbuih bercakap dan meleter..

as our eldest, she is the icon to her sis and bro.;leading a good example to the siblings as well; that is why she has to prove that she is good in study..achieve the best and good result; her success will motivate her siblings..

any way kakak; remember that action should speak louder than words...i have told her thousand times on this..

we dont mind spending for her for her own good; we can  find money but we cant buy your success with the money we have if you never change;

u still have times; but dont be late; the past will never come back and u cant even repeat it; but tomorrow is always here...make use of it as if, it will never come again just like yesterday!

its on u...the action is totally yours...

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