Thursday, November 10, 2011

last minute job!

mmm...lega dan baru boleh bernafas dengan aman...

we are having meeting with CM pukul 1.30 tgahari ni, suddenly (lastttt minute) my boss minta sediakan kronologi dua fail yang kemungkinannya akan di"highlight" semasa meeting nanti...terkapar2 buka fail, semak dokumen dan type in all the details and info..alhamdullilah managed to do it..

earlier pepagi lepas  masuk ofis dalam 7.45 pagi, dah vet satu deraf agreement dan kemudian fax ke pejabat peguam untuk my PT tak ade, main pingpong so has to settle things myself...

while on the said draft  agreement,  sampai la ni da tiga kali i asked the lawyer to do some amendments..wordings and phrases are still wrong sampai i da start nak naik hangginnn..even em not a practising lawyer i guess i have better expertise than them..its just a simple and common thing and i need to review it again and again until more than three times already..hope no more changes after the last one that i been faxed over ..otherwise i will have to think twice before engaging them again in future

now ready to go the AKCR...for that meeting...
hope everything will go smooth ..
something related to quite a hot issue now..

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