Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5s re-evaluation

pagi tadi sekitar pukul 10.30 pagi, few members of 5s Audit Commitee came to our floor to re-evaluate the implementation of 5S at each n every workstation..they came to my room as well...there was a Q&A session too..

frankly speaking i do not know that there will be an evaluation of 5S to be carried out until yesterday nothing much i can do to arrange nicely n properly my workstation due to time constraint n daily works to be done....

so i just let it be... but still manage to tidy up my workstation aka my room in a short time so it will look neat;

about 10 minutes ago, one of the committee member came again here asked me whether i have done something to innovate my workstation.."sori mr...currently takdo future can think about  it lah" ...but hahaha i dont answer like that just explain what i have done so far to sort of beautifying my room..which he said "that was called creativity not innovation.."
( how a professional officer can give me such an answer; not even can differentiate between creativity and innovation, that is what he might say to himself and laugh at me silently wakaka)

feel confused; why he came again..nothing special or interesting here...mmm

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