Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mini carnival & exhibition;preparation part 1

yesterday was quite a hectic day in the we are  organizing a mini karnival and exhibition sempena 40 years of PKNM on this friday n saturday (after been postphoned)... a lot of things need to be done especially for those who are responsible to organize it... i was appointed as the secretary for the Mini Carnival and Exhibition Commitee so i have few duties n to settle a lot of things; minit mesyuarat, layout plan ..make sure promotion team is moving, list of participants etc

alhamdulillah managed to finalise the layout plan for the booth yesterday...they r supposed   to put up the booth last night but this morning when i came to the office it was not afterward need to follow up with Corporate Dept..yes, even we had this Corporate dept who is supposed to arrange the event..but for info. they are the master mind..instead of this event, there are some other event n activities duly planned by us to celebrate our 40th born year..

all those planned event n activities were distributed to various department to lead...
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