Wednesday, October 19, 2011

blog sekodeng conversation

this morning around 9.00 am someone called me n asked this q "i dont know tat u re having a blog" n d conversation was continued in a below manner: (at the same time,he is viewing my blog)
M: yes, already for some time
H: y u never tells me about it
M:y should i..its not tat important
H:wat's the name of ur blog (reading) sharing this is how a blog looks like; interesting
M:(dlm hati)...hisshh so outdated
H: can i do one for myself then
M: nothing is wrong  if u want to have ur own blog..u can write anything about u, ur life ur golfing in it
H:but i might have a prob
M:wat prob
H: i dont know how to create it...n ...wat is "blog" all about?
M: grrrrr 
H: do u write something about me
M:no komen (terus da malas nak layan..........panjang lak citer lain nanti; if u want to know just read it.)

i think he found out tat i am having a blog by viewing the history of usage in his laptop..i remembered tat i used it for few times to post my entries...

 anyway, being an educated person doesnt mean tat we know every things n good in every things lorr

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