Thursday, May 26, 2011

where to go???

we have a little quarel(?) just know..issue on holiday alwaz happened that da last minute baru nak plan gi sana sini walhal selalu bercakap2 pasal issue tersebut...masing2 akan tolak sana sini; kekadang when i suggest d place to go, dia x setuju, when he suggest i pulak x setuju..

we cant go any where on weekend coz next saturday, niece dia nikah n the following saturday, we will go down to jb for receptionnya..i already applied leaves on 11 and 13 jun..tapi ke mana, still no where.if we decide to go on weekdays, kenalah tambah cuti pulak...fenningg

we cant go too far pulak tu..where..where to????

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