Wednesday, May 25, 2011

moving d furnitures!

we will bring all d furnitures in Nilai to this house as the new owner of d house will move in this this time hubby is supervising the moving company loading our furnitures into the lorry!
thinking that we shall move to our own house (rumah lum ade pun) so i suggest that we chuck all d furnitures into the room downstairs.if currently, this house is quite spacious but few hours later akan jadi sesak dgn our furnitures.
we r yet to accomplish our vision to look for our own house, hubby ni kekadang x serius..that is y until now kami lum lagi dpt cari rumah untuk dibeli.frankly speaking i luv this area, but the market price of most of the houses here are damned expensive ie,more than 300k, which is not within d budget..ade lagi few corner house kat single storey project behind this house, hubby lak x poning kepale makcik...

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