Tuesday, May 22, 2012

His no ending guiltiness

both of us  are planning to go for a holiday; only two of us- to an island, local island...

island yang bole sopping2 sekali (i know u know the place kan )

then they will be another holiday trip with the four...

i da decide and firm that no kids along during the trip

tapi yang sorang ni tak habis2  feels guity "kesian..kesian..alahai..alahai"

i sentap gek; bile dia ke sana sini tinggalkan anak2 takle rasa kesian..bila i tanye camtu..dia kata "sebab mama ada"

habis, i kena tinggal pun ada dia kesian, dia boleh gelak2...

well, tak kira..tak kira...only two of us...dah dekat 14 tahun (since our last trip berdua to kuching) i tak pernah rasa holiday berdua2an gitu

sapa yang tak sayang anak, sapa tak risaukan anak2 kan kan..once in a while we have to give ourselves a privacy jugek kan..

insya'Allah this time i will make sure that our private trip will come true...

we will fly with airasia and our 3 days 2 night  will be at this resort...privately huhu

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