Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Besday bash for Ayah aka Atok

last night i went to nilai to celebrate my ayah aka atok besday..

nilai was chosen sebab my sis is still under to be fair, we decided to have a small gathering at her grandma  (my father's mum in law) also joined us..

there were varieties of food via potluck..
me:rendang daging and sagu gula melaka
anor: kek besday secret recipe
tuna and umi: murtabak daging and kuih gulung
chacha : satay ayam
tuan rumah: nasi, sayur, asam pedas and pulut kuning (dimasak oleh imported chef..Makcik Ton aka mak hehe)

eight of us were there..except my second bro

surprisingly they celebrated my besday too..which falls next week, so kiranya in advance le;
dapat hadiah gek-''a pot of artificial orchard"- cantik2..tq tq to my sis n bro;
next year nak demand prezzie bole???

for ayah aka atok..we made some collections dan akan buatkan new spec for him...

the cake

macam2 ada, masa ni mertabak tengah digoreng

me n my ayah
me, ayah n mak


YaYaNsMuM a.k.a YM said...

bertuah ayah punya anak yang baik2, :)

potpetmama said...

YYM;amin alhamdulillah