Thursday, March 1, 2012

The surprise besday bash

my surprise planned has been succesful..with a very good commitment and cooperation from her frens...yes its a surprise besday bash for kakak..

i did wish her happy besday this morning but i dont give any respond or hint that there will be a besday celebration for her, as usual..we (m and hubby) always asked the besday girl or boy where  they want us to bring them on the besday day..but, not for this time

mengenankan this is the sweet 17th besday that a girl may want to memorize it, i came out with an idea to plan something yg boleh memberi kezzutann..wat i did was berpakat with one of her bff..lehot..

perancangannya adalah lehot akan mengajak kakak ke rumahnya konon untuk study, kawan2 masa tu akan dtg ..when ready i sms lehot suruh bawak kakak balik  first rancangan macam tak nak menjadi sebab dalam kul 6.30 ptg gitu, hujan lebatttt..i pun terpaksa buat emergency plan B in which i do not have choice rather asking the frens just to come to our house at 8.30 mlm.when the rains stopped at about 8 pm, maka rancangan plan A pon berjalan sebgamana yg dirancang..

si kecik tukang sorok kasut..supaya masa kakak balik dia tak tahu ada orang lain kat dalam rumah

dalam kul 9 malam gitu kakak pun balik rumah ditemani lehot; masuk aje kawan2 dia nyanyikan lagu "Allah selamatkan kamu..." wah terperanjatle dia sambil malu2..

mula2 hubby mcm tak berapa setuju nak surprise2 ni but for mama, as this can be one of the way to make her happy;he then =>follows...

lets layan some of the photos taken during tat time

a chocolate cake; i find its yummy!!

simple foods

cake cutting...

girl frens

boy frens

ps: there is something special from both of us, will show it in another entry ya

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