Thursday, March 29, 2012

finally find the solution!

mama will be away for a 3 days team building course starts tomorrow until sunday...

apparently ayah pulak ada golf tournament in the morning, najwa will be going to KL for one day school trip to the Karnival Kerjaya at the Mines and nashwa has Maulidur Rasul's programme pada petang sabtu where she is taking part in sajak and nasyid (sapa nak hantar dia); all on saturday

hubby jadi kelam kabut to arrange  the kids' activities, n his too..coz semua pada waktu yang sama
and who is going to take care of the little girl and nafis..

mula2 pening kepala nak adjust timing here and there

few option, tapi settle yang ni yang tu pulak tersangkut

hahhhhh................suddenly mama came out with this brilliant idea (wow, perasan hebatle pulak) yang tak terpikir sebelum ni

get my sis to come to my house and take care of the two while hubby is playing golf..
and for nashwa, will ask  the teacher  to fetch her at home...

asked my sis, she said ok and my mak will send her to my house tomorrow night after they came back frm Bangi..

so mama will be joining the course dengan hati yang tenang dan gumbira, takder nak fikir pasal anak2 punye hal


che mid said...

Happy team building dear.. balik nanti sure penat gile...

potpetmama said...

tq che mid; mmng da jangka so utk kurangkan penat wkt balik da settlekan 3/4 kerja menggosok dulu hehe