Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finalised Our Home

we had finalised our decision to buy a new house which later shall be our so-called "home" at Taman Desa Idaman Durian Tunggal ..the respective SPA which we have signed has been stamped ..and i can say that our house hunting came to the end

i intend to apply for a government loan to finance the purchase...however, the government decision to delay the implementation of the SBPA has reflected my loan application coz based on my existing salary, it cant cover the full loan..(except with the new salary scheme under SBPA)..basically, its not a big prob coz i can top up the differential sum using my saving..tapi thinking of since i can get the facility, so i better  make use of it..and i can use the saving for renovation works later..

so last saturday we went to the developer's ofis, explained the situation and requested their consideration on the prob...alhamdulillah they agreed to give us an extension  of time up to April to enable me to apply for the full loan...together with an agreement that they shall waive the interest during the said period too...wow wow.

y April? because in the event the government intends to delay again the SBPA; my annual increment will commence on April so with April's salary, i already entitled for the full loan...and i can ignore the SBPA salary scheme;however if the implemention of the said scheme is earlier then i will use the SBPA's salary scheme as a basis to apply for the loan.

last Saturday too, i took my parents to view the house; they seems happy with the condition of the house;
earlier, my hubby took his parents to view the house; they were happy too sampaikan my MIL  masa one of BIL called him, telah bercerita pasal our house..kemudian tu BIL  called pulak hubby i utk suggest this and tat...gelak aje kami berdua..

insya'Allah..dengan izin Allah tat will be our home; i da tak sabar nak duduk rumah sendiri semula..seksa dok menyewa ni, tiada kepuasan  hidup ...tak ade freedom...maklumlah sebelumnya da dok rumah sendiri almost for ten years, bila kembali menyewa i rasa tak selesa sangat.

sebab we all da signed agreement kiranya da ade rumah sendiri semulalah  selepas rumah di tmn merdeka tu da dijual... so sekarang hadap satu rumah..kalau ada rezeki lepas settle rumah di Desa Idaman tu bolehlah survey another property for investment..

siang malam i ni asyik berangan itu ini utk rumah baru, sampai hubby pun malas nak layan; rasa lambat sangat tapi kena tunggu jugak; mudah2an segalanya dipermudahkan


Lya Colours said...

ada rumah sendiri lagi best. nak renovate ikut suka hati pon bleh
eh developer mana ye

potpetmama said...

lya;teladan setia

insanxthnmenyewa said...

salam,hehe..cume nk berkongsi je ..btul ckp akak..nk duk umah sewa smpi bila?seksa..nk wat mcm2 kt umah xleh..terkongkong je rasa..huhu..sy pun tgh cari umah lg..pun cdgnye nk beli kt taman desa idaman tu..tp dh abes jual..klu ade akak terpandang for sale kabo la ke sy..huhu..