Wednesday, December 7, 2011

He is yet to change!

em sad and dissapointed with nafis...if before this he has problem to go to school, well.. this time he encounter about a similar case, where he refused to attend a simple class during school holidays..

i have planned to send him for a taafiz class organised by the surau committee at our taman..
nashwa is willing to go, in fact so happy when she was give such opportunity to attend the class..

however, nafis is yet to change..masih bersikap negatif..after a year not going to school and mix with others, dia masih bersikap yang sama..mula2 akan bersikap proaktif but when it comes to the time he supposed  to go suddenly every thing goes down dan menjadi pasif

i feel so worried about him.. i am not sure of wat kind of trauma yang masih mengganggu dia..actually i dah banyak kali berikhtiar..bawa berubat sana sini, in fact the councellor from his school pun da sampai datang rumah, talking to him..but it seems the time is yet to come, he still behave like that...

few times i sent my doa di Mekah, in front of Kaabah- kirim kat few friends and sedara mara yang pergi ke sana tapi until now Allah masih belum mengkabulkan my doa;

i will not surrender...dan akan terus dan terus berusaha memulihkan semangat dan keyakinan diri nafis, agar menjadi seperti sediakala...doa dan harapan yang tak akan putus..

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