Monday, November 14, 2011

Family's Planning Trip; Nov/Dec 2011

Selepas our holiday plan to Jakarta and Bandung was postponed so i have made another plan for the family..especially for the kids during this long school holidays

starts with this friday - we will going to A'Famosa for a one night complimentary stay for PKNM's staff..
i plan to bring along my mum, dad and two youngest sisters with us...they will have fun at the private pool for sure..

whereas on the following week ie on 26-28th nov pulak,  we will be going to Bukit Merah, staying at my uncle's apartment...da lama tak ke kids love the place, so did hubby -  the apartment is facing the lake and that will the great fishing time for all of them! And the mama ni aje yang agak kureng ceria sebab kena masak, masak and masak..kat Bukit Merah tu susah sikit nak cari kedai makan so every time ke sana memang i akan masak sendiri utk family..simple2 aje..
and on the 28th juga we will be going to Cameron Highlands as our last destination; ...and stay for one night; hotel pun da booking..and i pun da ambil cuti utk 29 plus 30th nov; saja reserve one day tu sebab selalunya bila balik bercotiii  akak jugak yang nak buat keja2 laundry  dan saje nak berehat selepas penat berjalan nanti

WALAUBAGAIMANAPUN harapan untuk ke Jakarta and Bandung masih menggunung..perhaps the trip is for December..provided that he managed to settle the projects' closing account!!!!just wait and see how lah..

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