Thursday, November 17, 2011

Berita Baik vs Berita Sedih

few minutes ago i received a very good news..a sms from my BIL ..related to my previous entry on the house hunting..he managed to speak to the developer's General Manager and asked for a better discount...from RM298,800 to RM278,800 which is so much discount; tq tq bang...owe u so much...

sebenarnya masa first launched the selling price was RM268K...and early this year they increased it to RM278k..and masa i gi semalam harga da jadi RM298K..lot bumi lak tu, COF lom ader lak memang la tak patut naik about RM40K from last year until now walaupun its located adjacent to show house..
happy sesangat, banyakle duit boleh diselamatkan..amin...

and the sad news..hubby told me that Surat Buang Sekolah untuk Nafis dah keluar..which means....this is really headache..i still pray something good to happen...Nafis, please please do something for your future!!!!!!

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