Thursday, October 13, 2011

So quite..i loike

its really quite here in d office...suke suke

most of the staff went to UTem to attend Hari Bulan Bahasa yang dirasmikan oleh PM..em  so lucky not selected to attend the function ..lagipun masih dgn conjunctivitis..x kan nak berspek hitam lak..lagi pulak, buat menjangkit kat orang lain aje..better stay in d office...

petang nanti, understand tat there is another function going on tat is the official launching of World Karate Tournament kat MITC aka Perhimpunan Bulanan Negeri sekali..again not selected to attend...yezzer...

suddenly risaukan nafis kat rumah..he is not really in a good health condition, nampak selera makan kurang but i have prepared more foods for his breakfast this morning-ada mee goreng, fun fries n nugget too..  pray tat Allah will bless hi m with good health n recover soon

not much work to do..already settled most of it yesterday

by d way, THE GOLD LETTER is yet to reach me...mane le dia menyorok tu..

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