Tuesday, September 20, 2011

its yet to be ended..

citer pasal mencari rumah; yez we had paid for the deposit for the house at BB Putra...the latest story is tat;last saturday we suddenly (without planning) went to one developer office;after my fren told me tat there was a new launch of a bungalow house known as Belimbing Setia Durian Tunggal..

at first we went to the office;later went to view the sample house; apparently someone has fallen in love with the house..

n asked me to first pay for the booking fees...i agreed with him tat the design is nice;simple but elegant; price of RM288+++...

from tat moment until now; we r yet to made up our decision..there was some pro n cons for both houses; definetely the new one will be completed two years later n the previous one was already completed; price issue..this banglo is cheaper, land size bigger...more xtra land n we can have more saving..

kids seem like the new one..even though jauh sikit dr town centre but the surrounding view is interesting..

kena sembahyang istikharah lah dulu

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