Sunday, August 28, 2011

27th Ramadhan 1432H

dengan izinNya, alhamdulillah tengaharinya we managed to book the house...mudah2an urusan seterusnya di permudahkan Allah swt..

so after we went to the developer's office n settled d things there hubby took us to new JJ to look for my baju raya..after searching here n there i still cant find my we went back to Masjid Tanah..

hubby bought a pendant each; for the girls..mama didnt get anything but he was so generous give me RM1500 to buy my things..tq sayang..

before tat while in jj i bought him a Seiko's watch;not tat expensive..about rm800 after discount (ori price RM1200) oklah tu ye yang..

berbuka di rumah MIL, i cooked mee kuah..after magrib went to Pekan Masjid Tanah to look  for my baju with ija n kakak;after two hours pun masih x dapat aper yg aku mahukan so aku pun mengakhiri expdc di situ..plan ke Melaka Mall pulak utk cari baju sebab di sana banyak butik...hope i will get it di sana..

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