Monday, August 22, 2011

20th day of Ramadhan 1432H

On this day, we just stayed at home..hubby went to Bangi about 2pm ..he sent his car there to a chinese mechanic on friday..the mechanic quoted him about RM7k for the costs of changing the gear box, stering box (?) allignment etc..unhappy with the figure so he decided to check the spare parts proposed by the mechanic..

earlier we went to Eng Development to fill in d form and requested until this wednesday to pay the booking fees of RM5k..most probably we will finalise the purchase..i da berangan mcm2 utk rumah tu  sampai hubby kena "dont think about anything else, get the house first;tat is important"...betul gek kan..rumah lum confirm, berangan je lebih..balik tu sempat gi beli karpet di Astana Moda depan Melaka Sentral..hubby ni kekadang taste dia tinggi daripada aku bila beli sesuatu, aku lebih ekonomik tapi since he paid for it..ikut jelah janji portion i u x potong sudah..

i just prepare chicken burger for breaking fast..while waiting for hubby to come back..
we had dinner at Rashid Corner then went to JJ dlm kul 9 pm..

even dah kenyang makan dinner, anak2 mcm biasa mesti nak extra food so take away few meals from McD..hubby layankan aje...biaselah bab2 makan ni....recahed home about 11pm..planned to go out kat Bazar Cempaka tapi kepenatan so tak jadiklah pegi... see wat on sunday..

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