Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Team Building 24-26 Dec 2010

Hahaha it had been ages but i still interested to post some more photos during our team building course held on 24-26 dec 2010..

i love this course too much, it inspired n motivated me so much with the activities yang full of challenge, tested ur mental strength n physical fitness..., formulated d way to cooperate n work together with others in order to achieve d mission n vision of the organization;
in any event it should not be a one man show; every one must take part, contribute and helps each other for the sake of the organisation
especially Night Walk di kaki Gunung Ledang yang terkenal dengan keseramannya..

i pulak was appointed as d "shoguny"- a leader to the ladies..

watikah perlantikan

one of the activity..

built up a tower-
sharing ur creativity, cooperation, how u follow orders n instructions...

after d war session....i loike

in door activity

physical test

finally graduated

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