Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy father's day

hari bapa...yeah but no father around us to be entertained or celebrated as the father of d house in now at jakarta enjoying his golfing

wishing him a very happy father's takes a special man like u to b the great ayah n hubby,a man who puts his family first...

walaupun kekadang u did something yg mencabar hati perasaan kesabaran dan ketabahan aku sebagai isteri; but u alwaz special to us in ur own way

early morning sent the two to Seminar Motivasi at Seri Negeri, n the speakers shall be Sheikh Muzafar n Dr Tuah but after registered nafis refused to attend;naik hangin satu badan apa lagi already paid rm 120 per person;anyway will try to get d refund from DMDI later

spending this day at home, will b back to INTAN after magrib to continue d course

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