Thursday, May 12, 2011

Teambuilding course @kem asahan msn, jasin

we had attended a teambuilding course last year; if em not mistaken from 24-26 dec 2010..held at kem asahan msn jasin, located at the foot of Gunung Ledang, next to the water fall area.
found it so interesting..
we learn how to create a good team, built up team spirit & strengthen d team, cooperative-ignore ur position n level in d office..we were there as a team so worked together for the sake of ur organisation..
there was a night walk was so scary n happening experience in life-walking alone in the jungle in the midnight with ur eyes closed
for safety reason no photos taken during that time, takut pulak kuar gimau ke singe dari hutan gunung ledang lak
personally i hope this course shall continue and make it compulsary to be attended by other staffs, ignoring d position n level in d office;
the most interesting part was during the War Game.. any way we were lost!

i was selected to be the leader for d ladies, they called it "shoguni"

do enjoys dome of d photos

finally completed the course, tq PSM

the warriors ...
group presentation

the time to buli the instructor after all

creativity n working together
ready to attack...
(the other team takut nak make up muka)

defend n protect ur team mate

course work


d announcement of the shogun n shoguni

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