Sunday, May 29, 2011

mcm malaaasss

its sunday again, today em staying at home with my 3 kids..hubby is not around, he has a golf tournament at KGSS Shah Alam...kakak ada Kem Jati Diri di Pahang but will be back today..
rasa macam kemaalasssan sangat hari ni

tapi lot of things to do today..

hubby sebenarnya did not sleep last night, tengok bola habis dlm 4.30 pg ready n dan terus gi Shah Alam...but i know he enjoys that...

yesterday we went out from 10.00 am to about 5.30 pm..dari melaka mall, MP;DP n Tesco..wowo..sesi habiskan duit..but i dont get anything for myself ada; a leather bag cost me RM99.90, just nice to fit my netbook.

at DP these two kids sempat having fun ..

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