Monday, May 16, 2011

happy teachers' day

happy teachers' day to all d teachers out there...

menjadi guru adalah tugas yang mulia dan murni..ia menentukan bagaimana seorang insan menjadi "insan" selain drp didikan the parents..

coz of them, i am here and be wat i am now...TQ TEACHERS

remembered that i pun mungkin da menjadi guru if i didnt quit from my KPLI last time..just a memory..since my patience level is normally bad, so em feel lucky that em not continue to become a teacher

anyway, em coming from a family background where my father was a teacher too (lecturer) n now, most of my siblings are teachers too..

as usual every year i have to spent for my kids to get something for their teachers for this day...
ikutkan mereka they wanted to give to all their teachers tapi budgetwise kena lah dicatukan ..kalau sorang ada 10 cikgu, 3 orang da berapa..satu hadiah RM5, kalaauuu da bebanyak tu..

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